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Are you ready to dive in?

With Folkekortet, you gain access to Norway’s widest range of activities and training – all on one card!

Folkekortet serves as your gateway to explore a diverse world of training and activity. Feel free to use Folkehallene as much as you want, whether it’s for your personal training sessions or exiting group activities that you can book in advance.

Ung mann klatrer i klatrevegg i Sørmarka Arena
Ung kvinne trener styrke i treningsrom
Person knytter på seg skøyter

We make it easy to get started

Sign up, and we’ll give you a call to discuss how you’d like to utilize your membership.

Not at Folkehallene

With us, you can indulge in activities across five distinct facilities.

Every weekend, we provide a family oriented program

Our members can bring their children* for enjoyable activities on weekends – at no additional cost.

*Children in the same household.

A fitness community for everybody

Whether you’re in need of a group to play football with or miss someone to climb with, Folkehallene is the community you´re looking for.

We don’t hold you hostage

At Folkehallene you only have a one-month notice period – with no long-term commitment.

You can also choose to freeze your membership, without the need to provide a reason.

Cost conscious?

With 100 different activities to choose from, you get great value for your money with Folkekortet.


Heading #1
Heading #2
499,– monthly (registration fee 299,–)
249,– monthly
399,– monthly
399,– monthly
999,– monthly

*A membership in any sports club is required to use the Vår Energi Arena Forus.

What is included in Folkekortet?

With Folkekortet you get free access to a wealth of exiting activities and fitness offerings.

vår energi arena sørmarka


  • Climbing
  • Bouldering
  • Yoga
  • Pumptrack
  • Ice-skating (winter)
  • Long-distance ice-skating (winter)
  • Stick & puck (winter)
  • Curling (winter)
vår energi arena sola


  • Indoor cycling track
  • Spinning and group classes
  • Strength and cardio equipment
  • Multi-purpose sports court
  • With Folkekortet you can participate in all open and structured sessions at the velodrome, if you have accreditation. Learn more about accreditation here.
vår energi arena sandneshallen


  • Running
  • Ball games
  • Climbing
  • Strength and cardio equipment


  • Indoor ball games
  • Strength and cardio equipment
  • Squash
  • Spinning
  • Yoga/pilates
  • Zumba
  • A wide range of other group classes
vår energi arena randaberg


  • Strength and cardio equipment
  • Golf simulator from Easter to autumn break
  • Ball games

Some practical information

There is a fixed monthly membership fee, and the card has no minimum commitment period.

Cancellation works as follows: You pay the invoice for the month in which you cancel, and you will have access until the end of the next calendar month.

Payment (and therefore access) can be “frozen” up to 3 months per calendar year by logging in to My page, without the need to provide a reason. If you wish to extend the freeze period, please send an email, and they will assess your request. This may apply, for example, to ice skaters who want to freeze their membership during the period when there is no ice available at Vår Energi Arena Sørmarka.

To use Vår Energi Arena Forus membership in a sports club or corporate sports club is required. The other facilities do not require such affiliation.

So, what are you saying? Ready to join us?

With us, there’s no long-term commitment, and the notice period is just one month.
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